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We can change the world

It’s good to know that city staff are so knowledgeable about environmental science. Their solutions for reaching net zero carbon by 2050 are shocking and needed. Big change is coming. Swaths of society are clueless. War drums against change are beating.

It was even better to hear real emotion from council in their recent work session. Ward Hauenstein talking about doing as much as we can as fast as we can is so spot on. Everybody knows you get on forest fires as soon as possible so they don’t cost more in the long-term.

Rachel Richard’s passion to promote environmental ethos is heartening. Step No. 1: Tell your police to walk and educate our “big city” visitors about our no-idling law. We are mountain people, we love our clean air. For your information, all 2023 cars will have automatic engine stop/start so when you stop at a traffic light you won’t be polluting. “We can change the world.” — Eric Clapton

Tom Mooney