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We are poisoning our waters with fluoride

Aspen’s mayor Steve Skadron’s response to the U.S. actions to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord was quoted as “unbelievable.”

The blatant attack on our environment has created a wide range of emotions for those who are concerned about the environment.

A response that is evolving is that the state and local governments as well as individuals need to step up their game to protect the environment.

It is my understanding that climate change is not only about global warming and the effects of carbon. It is about the impact that human actions are having on the degradation of the environment.

This degradation includes toxins with which we are poisoning our planet. These actions are creating sicknesses in people, animals and plants. They are contributing to killing our planet.

We need to look no further than the role that Aspen and Snowmass Village are contributing to the poisoning of our environment.

The Lancet Journal, a prestigious medical journal, acknowledges fluoride to be an extremely poisonous neurotoxin. New studies are demonstrating not only the devastating effects on human health but also on the health on our rivers and streams.

Our communities are at the headwaters and as such we have an extra responsibility to be good stewards of our rivers. Our actions impact everything downstream from us.

It is no longer acceptable to thump our chests to say that our community attended the Paris conference.

We must continue to hold ourselves accountable for the actions that we are taking. We can no longer add a poison to our water and then turn around and act as though we are appalled at pulling out of the climate agreement.

Sooner or later we have to face the fact that we have been poisoning our environment. There are no justifications for polluting our rivers and streams.

If we do not take action to right the wrongs that we are doing to our environment then we cannot point fingers at others for their attacks on the planet.

Remember, cigarette smoking was first promoted as healthy. Do you know that the same person, Edwin Bernays, who created the tobacco campaigns, also created the “Fluoride is good for your teeth” campaign? Does that make you wonder? You may be interested to Google him to find out how the public can be manipulated.

Now is the time to have courage to right the wrongs. The clock is running out. Mother Earth needs our help.

We can no longer sit back and shame others while we allow our own communities to be a part of the problem and add poisons to our planet.

We have to stop adding a poison to our water!

Unbelievable? I think that it is unbelievable that Aspen and Snowmass Village continue to add a neurotoxin to our drinking water and find a way to justify it.

Tom Lankering


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