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Waxing about Paradise

Interesting brouhaha going on in Phat City. Kemosabe is not Paradise; they didn’t have to pay for a new commercial kitchen.

Yes, the landlord has the right to not offer a lease extension, and no one is disputing that. There is a huge difference between not getting a lease extension when the building you are in is going to be demolished, and when your overlord is sitting at his penthouse desk figuring out how to raise his rent to make $10,000 more to add to his millions. He is not paying for the business disruption or the new kitchen.

But, is it neighborly? Is it small town? No, it isn’t. One would think that after a long-term symbiotic relationship, he would offer Paradise a chance to stay. He isn’t paying for the carbon cost of the demolition or the new construction either, and I say that because in the latest U.N. report on biodiversity and ecosystem services (you know, the stuff that keeps us alive) the conclusion states that “society needs to shift from a sole focus on chasing economic growth.”

If this change happens, buy your cashmere online from Amazon.

Tom Mooney