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Water release will suck for Basalt

This letter is in response to the announcement of greater water releases on the Fryingpan River for the endangered sucker fish in Grand Junction.

Maybe you view this extra water as good news for everyone, but it is certainly bad news for the people who live and recreate in this area. It is terrible news for the boating community of residents and visitors to Ruedi. It is terrible news to the fishermen who can no longer navigate the high flows wading in the Fryingpan River, and it is terrible news for the business community of Basalt that depends on these summer recreators for their monetary contributions.

Whatever happened to the pledge earlier this year at our virtual water meeting to not run the Fryingpan over 300 cfs? Just a bunch of lies and forgotten promises? So please don’t issue this news as a cause for celebration.

Bruce Gabow