Watch Trump Now! |

Watch Trump Now!

We will all get some real insight to Donald Trump, now that Florida is the target of Dorian, potentially a major hurricane. We should remember that during Hurricane Maria and its immediate aftermath he held a political rally for his supporters and played golf in New Jersey. And since Maria he has done less than nothing to help Puerto Rico recover. In fact, he suggests diverting Puerto Rico relief funds to his idiot wall. The real reason he is diverting those funds of course is to bolster his self-image with his minority base and to blatantly buy their votes while at the same time show them that he is a white nationalist at heart.

Since all indications are that the economy is going to slump or tank due to his tariffs the Trumpster must also bribe the farmers with $16 billion so he can buy their votes too. But this is not unusual in the scheme of things. Trump and Trump Republicans also practice socialism with oil companies, coal producers as well as with the farmers and ranchers. He and his Republican cronies give them billions in subsidies that are a form of socialism by the Republican’s own definition. These payoffs are the result of Trump’s lack of knowledge as to who really pays the piper when tariffs are enacted. It is the taxpayers/consumers who pay.

Now we will see how concerned he will be with Hurricane Dorian now that his properties are in the line of fire. The American taxpayers, which includes Puerto Rico, will not see the Trumpster throwing paper towels as he did after Maria, instead they will see him throwing millions of dollars. So, the Trumpster can repair Doral and Mar-a-Lago out of the taxpayer’s pockets and Agent Orange can line his pockets with future G-7 Summit money as he defies the emoluments clause once more, and he can get a tax write-off to boot. So much for the Constitution.

Richard Hampleman