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Wanted: an adult on Aspen City Council

All of us who are close to 50 or older know that climate changes.

Just in college in 1967 — we were told at the first Earth Day — the world was ending but it did not, so I decided to have two children. Then, Time Magazine told us of an impending ice age shortly, but that never happened. Hole in ozone, Al Gore, and now a new congresswoman who never took a science class gives us 12 years?

If we believe this is a C02 crisis, then please get the science out that America level is down to the mid ’80s. Please remind the public that C02 is necessary for food crops and all plants to grow and absorb. Plant more trees?

Please tamp this down. You are the leaders. These kids are frantic. We need an adult now.

Lorrie B. Winnerman