Walter Chi for sheriff |

Walter Chi for sheriff

I want to thank Walter Chi for taking time to meet with me recently. We met to talk about concerns with the present sheriff and hear about Walter’s plan to improve the existing culture in the department.

The thing I recognized as a sign of a good sheriff is that Chi listened. Despite several times stepping on his comments, Chi stepped back, let me talk and then continued his thought. I imagine that this would be a relief to deputies and jailers who have become used to administration by intimidation. At this time the Sheriff’s Office is short one patrol deputy and two jailers. Chi will reach out to deputies who have left to persuade them to return to the department.

I was grateful to hear that Chi wants to get deputies out of their patrol cars and into the communities they patrol. He wants deputies to get to know citizens and assure them that the Sheriff’s Office is here to serve their needs.

Finally, we spoke of the growing problems of raising a child today. Chi, a father of two awesome young adults, can relate to these issues. Collaboration between agencies up and down the valley are vital to stopping the growing problem of suicide, drug overdose and sexual assault. Presently, collaboration is sketchy.

After the loss of my 23-year-old son Raymond to suicide, I got a tattoo of a semicolon. Amy Bleuel started this idea called the Project Semicolon. When writing a story if you place a period at the end of a sentence, the story ends. If you place a semicolon, the story continues. Aspen’s story will always continue on, but it is time for a new chapter. Walter Chi can write this chapter and deserves your consideration for sheriff.

Kim Baillargeon

Aspen Village