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Wallison: Not adding up

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am an Old Snowmass resident and, as such, a taxpayer in the Roaring Fork School District. Although I do not fully understand the circumstances that led to the abrupt firing of Angie Davlyn, the district’s chief of human resources, your reporting on March 6 (“Roaring Fork schools supe gets time for license”) conveys the impression that Ms. Davlyn was the fall guy for a situation that neither the district superintendent nor the district board president took seriously. 

The article indicates that a condition of the contract between the school district and the superintendent was that the superintendent receive certification from Colorado by the end of 2022 — a condition which the superintendent failed to meet — or risk immediate termination. So the district board extended the deadline in the contract and fired the HR chief. 

I am concerned about the apparent lack of fairness to the HR chief, whom I do not know, and the lesson that this incident might have taught the students in the district — the lesson being that it’s OK for the superintendent to violate the terms of his contract and have someone else face severe consequences for that failure. 

If there is some other explanation, I’m sure I and other members of the community would appreciate hearing it.

Frieda Wallison

Old Snowmass