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Walking the climate-action talk

Interesting couple of articles in your Saturday paper on climate action plans and the sustainability paradox (“What’s your climate action plan, Commissioner Poschman?” Dec. 27, aspentimes.com). Didn’t know Pitkin County Commissioner Greg Poschman installed solar on his home or that he made a habit to ask people what their personal climate action plan is. These are good things to do along with his stated desire to switch to an EV.

I too have an old internal combustion engine car and intend to never buy another one because buying a new I.C.E. is quickly becoming the new “buying the last VHS box.” Things I missed in the articles were whether Greg has one of those “let’s burn God’s creation” fossil fuel patio heaters, and since fellow Commissioner Patti Clapper teases Greg for driving an old Jeep Cherokee, what kind of car does she drive?

Tom Mooney