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Waking up to morning poo in Snowmass

Picture this. An early morning walk around the Snowmass Golf Course. Mount Daly looms in the background, powdery and majestic. The sun peaks over the ridge, turning the sky a deep, cornflower blue and rendering the snow into a glittering, magical dreamscape. Also? The poop is revealed. It is everywhere. Fresh and steaming, melty and semi-petrified. Our gorgeous backyard looks like the bottom of a porta-potty after the carnival leaves town. Early spring melt-off uncovers daffodils pushing up, and more poop.

Honestly, what is with the poop? There is a city ordinance against leaving dog poop on the ground. There are helpful poop trash cans at strategic points all over the community. There are free bags, for heaven’s sake! One woman told me she doesn’t carry bags because her dog never poops on the path. I guess the greens are OK? Another just doesn’t bother. The dog wanders the neighborhood, pooping at will. Who knows why? Everyone is busy.

But really, it’s gross. What to do? No one wants to confront their neighbor. We have enough of that in this day and age. So maybe we start with education. Here are a few truths and busted myths:

1. There is no poop fairy.

2. Poop doesn’t “bio degrade.” It will still be there tomorrow.

3. Everywhere counts. When the snow melts, some poor employee of the Snowmass Club is going to have to pick up after your pet. And it doesn’t get better with time.

4. The Snowmass Club has generously allowed the community to use the golf course in the winter so dogs can run free. Is this how we repay them?

5. Some dogs develop an affinity for the poop-sicle and run their owners ragged trying to dig out a delectable treat. But that is a saga for another day.

Please, good people, consider doing the right thing and clean up after your dog. This is one of those rare circumstances where everyone benefits and there is no downside.

Bettina Slusar

Snowmass Village

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