Voting for constructive change

Truly good change takes time, it takes patience and it takes persistence.

The plan for the Life One corridor took those three ingredients: time, patience and persistence. After two years and whole lot of collaboration, we have a viable plan in front of us that will bring new life to a section of Aspen Mountain’s base that has long sat quiet.

When Lift 1 opened in 1946, it was the fastest chairlift in the world. When combined with Lift 2, it was also the longest. With this plan, the Lift One lower terminal and remaining towers will be restored and preserved and a new chairlift will load from the same spot as the original did more than half a century ago. Plus, we will get expanded public park space that helps to provide access to Aspen Mountain year-round. This plan makes this side of Aspen Mountain available to all.

My favorite part of the Lift One corridor plan is the Aspen Skiing History Museum.

As a former board member of Aspen Historical Society, I’ve seen the efforts the organization has made to preserve our mountain town’s past. Aspen has seen a lot of changes over the years, some positive and others negative, but AHS is always there at every turn to preserve the stories and traditions we cherish.

The Lift One Corridor Plan would renovate the Skiers Chalet Lodge building into a museum that celebrates the history of one of our favorite sport. We, as a community, have already approved the building of this ski museum twice before, but it hasn’t been built yet. This plan that lies before us is the best opportunity to see the museum come to actualization.

Change isn’t easy, but that’s what makes this plan so serendipitous, we get to take a positive step forward that truly honors our community’s past. We get the best of both worlds. What could be better than that?

Barbara Platts

Los Angeles