Voter suppression is real

There is much in the news lately about the suppression of votes in many states. Leading the investigations in many cases is reporter Greg Palast who exposed many of the voting irregularities in the 2000 Florida election and others since. These are mostly cases of governments reducing the number of voters. Of the billions of votes cast since 2000 only a handful have been voter irregularities by individuals. On the other hand, many votes have been added by some whose responsibility it was to count votes. Thousands of votes have mysteriously appeared overnight in some cases.

The gold standard worldwide for verifying election vote counts has been exit polls. People are interviewed after they vote. The results are then published. These counts have been very accurate where the actual votes are recounted. In too many cases the reported vote counts are not consistent with the exit polls. Unfortunately, the new practice of the exit poll organization has been to readjust their results to match the reported counts. Ahem?

Palast is writing that some 500,000 Colorado voters have been removed from the rolls entirely or made inactive. He has asked the current secretary of state for addresses to verify the accuracy of that number. He has refused. A lawsuit is being filed. The practice of purging voter rolls has become a widespread Republican tactic. A high percentage of the purged voters tend to be people who could be Democratic voters. The group includes young people, college students, the elderly, racial minorities and the military who may be deployed.

If you remember, President Donald Trump stated many times during the 2016 campaign that elections are rigged. He wasn’t wrong.

Patrick Hunter