Vote Zimmerman in GOP primary for CD3 |

Vote Zimmerman in GOP primary for CD3

To those Democrats in the 3rd Congressional District who are frustrated/disgusted with the additional bias that the latest redistricting has done, making CD3 a 15-point favorite to re-elect Lauren Boebert, join me in changing your party affiliation to “unaffiliated” and vote in the Republican primary for Marina Zimmerman. You can check out her mission statement here:

Changing your party affiliation is three-minute simple. Visit It is self explanatory. Marina touts her conservative bona fides, and I recognize I’m not going to agree with her on everything, but she does vow to “restore sensibility, civility, and ethics in Congress,” something clearly not on Ms. Boebert’s agenda. Marina’s stances on affordable housing, water in Colorado and forest health are laudable. It’s time we had a representative who cared about our issues rather than somebody simply grubbing for attention.

Bob Shettel