Vote yes on 3A for Basalt |

Vote yes on 3A for Basalt

Vote yes on 3A in Basalt! This is a fantastic initiative to not only support our communities infrastructure but promote green energy for our whole valley.

Yes on 3A means the potential for a new solar array at one of our fantastic Basalt schools. This will help our community to further shift away from fossil fuels, produce energy close to our homes and build a more resilient power grid.

For instance, consider the impact of the fires so close to our homes a few years ago. Energy from power plants is connected to us by power lines, which are at risk of destruction during fires. We all faced the risk of losing our main source of energy, which would have been detrimental to our whole community. However, with the development of a solar array and, for future consideration, a grid energy storage solution, we wouldn’t have to be completely dependent on power plants hundreds of miles away. The whole community can be supported by this educational and functional solar array.

Please vote yes on 3A so we can continue to improve our community!

Environmental Club

Basalt High School