Vote ‘yes’ on 1A |

Vote ‘yes’ on 1A

To quote a recent testimonial from Challenge Aspen’s Military Opportunities fly-fishing retreat that took place last month, “Thank you for helping me find my peace when life seemed to be crumbling around me. I think what you guys are doing are saving lives and marriages. And that’s not some cliche. … Tell your sponsors you guys are literally saving lives.”

The Healthy Community Fund contributes to 70 nonprofits in the community that are making a huge difference on the quality of life for youth, seniors and those community members often forgotten.

I have worked for three nonprofits in Pitkin County and am currently employed at Challenge Aspen. I have personally seen the positive impact on so many lives due to this fund. Challenge Aspen creates possibilities for individuals living with disabilities, and we would not be able to serve nearly as many participants and create so many life-changing experiences as we currently do without the support from the Healthy Community Fund.

The Healthy Community Fund is essential in making Pitkin County a better place to live, work and, most importantly, continue doing the things we love to do. Let’s continue being the community that puts others first and continue supporting the health and well-being of Pitkin County residents. I urge you to vote “yes” on 1A to renew the Healthy Community Fund; it will make a difference in our community.

Emily Zeis

Development Coordinator, Challenge Aspen