Vote Velasco for HD57

I am excited to support Elizabeth Velasco to be our Democratic nominee for State House. Elizabeth is a dynamic and inspiring leader who runs a small business upvalley and is a trained wildland firefighter. She is a first-generation Latina whose family moved to Western Colorado because they knew it was the best place to raise their children. Elizabeth is running to make sure every family in Pitkin County has an opportunity to thrive.

Elizabeth is endorsed by organizations that represent service workers because they know she’ll fight to cut the high cost of living and raise wages in our valley. Elizabeth is endorsed by BlueFlower and COLOR, two organizations that fight for abortion rights, because they know she won’t ever give up in the fight for pro-choice rights. And she’s endorsed by Ceasefire, a group that helped pass our gun safety laws in Colorado, because they know she’ll make sure Colorado doesn’t go backward in keeping our communities safe.

As a Latina who has been very involved in the Democratic Party, I know how much stronger we are when diverse voices are included. Elizabeth’s perspective as a young Latina who struggles with the same things many people in our valley struggle with, like the cost of housing, gas or health care, will mean she represents the most vulnerable among us.

Elizabeth’s community work as a trained wildland firefighter has reminded her that natural disasters and climate change affect everyone, no matter their income, party affiliation or background. She will be a strong leader for all of us, not the big special interests down in Denver.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Elizabeth Velasco for HD57 when you get your ballots starting June 6.

Blanca Uzeta O’Leary


Letter to the Editor