Vote Teitler for RFSD board

It would be impossible to fit all of the reasons why Kenny Teitler is perfect for the Roaring Fork School District board into just 350 words. In fact, even getting the highlights reel written down would require some serious abbreviating. So I am going to include what is known technically as the “super duper highlights reel” and hope that it convinces you to vote for Kenny Teitler on your ballot in this November’s election.

Kenny Teitler:

— Has almost 30 years of education experience in the Roaring Fork Valley

— Raised two brilliant daughters who graduated from the Roaring Fork School District

— Is bilingual in English and Spanish

— Taught at the elementary, middle school and at the college level, which means that he has taught kindergartners how to open their lunchbox on their first day of school; listened patiently to seventh graders having their worst day of school (several times); and opened his doors to adult students who may have found a lot of closed doors in their lives before walking into his classroom.

Kenny Teitler has lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for 29 years. From child-care costs to housing availability, from salary struggles to snowy roads, he understands the challenges faced by teachers trying to make it here. He is also a parent and has spent decades balancing family, work and life.

On the school board, Kenny will offer a perspective which is grounded in the reality of being a teacher and parent in the Roaring Fork Valley and advocate for practical solutions which engage our community and respect our teachers. He believes that our district can make the changes needed to retain more qualified educators, close the learning gap, and build a strong community foundation for all future learners.

Lindsay DeFrates

Glenwood Springs