Vote Palmer/Bertuglia for Holy Cross Board |

Vote Palmer/Bertuglia for Holy Cross Board

As busy people, we may not get too excited about local utility board elections, but we should. The policies and practices of energy companies can have a great impact on both the environment and the experience of the customer.

Living in Eagle County, we like to play outside and connect with nature every chance we get. We expect our air to be clean, and no one wants to see temperatures rise to the point of impacting our snowpack, rivers and economy, due to climate change. Fortunately, we have a say in who runs our electric companies; and therefore, the types of policies they put into place that either promote or hinder environmental protection.

Adam Palmer and Kristen Bertuglia have served on the Holy Cross Energy Board of Directors for nine and six years, respectively. In that time, they have promoted a community-oriented organization that is forward-thinking and environmentally friendly.

In 2017, Holy Cross achieved a 39 percent renewable energy portfolio without raising rates. Last year, the board hired Bryan Hannegan, formerly of the National Renewable Energy Lab, to be the organization’s CEO. The company’s safety record, reliability and rates continue to lead the industry, which just shows good management. Holy Cross supports electric vehicle and transit infrastructure incentives to reduce pollution. The company is starting to offer on-bill financing loans, along with their already popular energy rebates, for solar, insulation, appliances and the like. Finally, Holy Cross supports several innovative low-income programs, including their 150-kw solar farm in Gypsum, which offsets electricity costs for 50 local families.

Your ballots are in the mail. Please vote Palmer/Bertuglia!

Jill Ryan