Vote out Trump |

Vote out Trump

Businesses tied to Donald Trump’s family and associates received as much as $21 million in government loans through the Paycheck Protection Program.

Clay Lacy Aviation, a California private charter jet company, received a grant for $27 million under the CARES Act $2 trillion federal stimulus package. This was a grant, not a loan; no payback required. (Lacy had contributed the maximum allowable to Trump’s 2016 campaign.)

Last week Trump criticized the CDC’s guidelines for opening schools during America’s out-of-control pandemic as “very tough and expensive” and said the agency was “asking schools to do very impractical things.” Not only has he not provided funds to help schools open safely, he is now threatening to withhold federal funds from schools that try to protect the lives and safety of our teachers and students.

The blatant, skewed priority of the use of our tax dollars by Trump and his enablers continues. Make sure your vote counts in November.

Annette Roberts-Gray