Vote Nickel for Aspen school board

I am endorsing Jonathan Nickell for school board, and I hope you will consider joining me.

Jonathan has always impressed me with his commitment and passion for the Aspen School District, including the administrators, teachers, students and parents. Whether it is discussing district culture and statistics while hiking Tiehack, interacting as fellow members of the School Accountability Committee or hearing him speak several times in front of the District Accountability Committee, I have always been impressed with Jonathan’s level of wisdom and expertise with the material he is presenting, not to mention his professionalism and respectful nature.

Over the past few years, Jonathan has been focused on improving the climate, culture and academics of our schools and developing a strategic plan. While he was co-chair of the District Accountability Committee, his professional experience and research enabled him to identify the issues that needed to be addressed several years ago. Thankfully, Jonathan’s persistence and dedication paid off, and the current Board of Education is addressing these issues.

Jonathan’s unparalleled dedication and invaluable experience will benefit our school district tremendously. He is thoughtful and focuses on facts, while looking for practical solutions. Jonathan has the ability to bring people together and give everyone a voice, so everyone feels heard and validated. In our world today, I find it difficult to find people like Jonathan in leadership positions, which is why I know he would serve our community well and bring out the best our schools have to offer.

Jonathan Nickell will continue to serve this community and move our schools in the right direction. Thank you for your consideration in joining me in voting for Jonathan for Aspen School District’s Board of Education.

Kimberly Schlosser