Vote more housing for firefighters |

Vote more housing for firefighters

The Aspen Fire Protection District is asking for increased funding on this year’s ballot in the form of Ballot Initiative 6A. The request is an effort to strengthen the Fire Department and improve upon services already provided by the district. Historically speaking, the volunteer department has been a part of Aspen since 1881 and manned by local citizens who lived in Aspen. As a primary part of the request the district is asking voters for approval for funds to build housing for firefighters and first responders on land it already owns to keep people in the district. Additionally, the district has needs to replace aging equipment, provide funding to ensure adequate staffing, build an emergency reserve fund and to maintain existing assets. A vote “yes” for Ballot Initiative 6A is a vote to strengthen an already great organization that is all in on serving and protecting our community. A well-equipped, well-trained and strongly support Fire Department is an investment in our community that we can’t live without. Please join me in supporting Ballot Initiative 6A.

John Ward