Vote in this election |

Vote in this election

If you wonder if you should bother to vote, although it is or should be an obligation of democracy, consider this:

Donald Trump, who lost the popular vote for president in 2016, is living in our White House; and Brett Kavanaugh, a judge who does not have the support of the leading organization of judges, has been appointed to the Supreme Court, following a job interview that never discussed nor reviewed his past actions and decisions related to his judgeship. Perhaps this is proof that only in America can we say with certainty that “anyone can become president (or Supreme Court Justice) of the United States.”

The Electoral College was established to accommodate the facts, at the time of writing, that slaves could not vote, nor could women vote. Only white men who owned land could vote. The Electoral College vote was intended to compensate for the imbalance in certain states. Now that slavery is part of the past and women have the right to vote, those states gain an unwarranted advantage. Yet, we continue to recognize the added value to those states. Perhaps it is time to review the accepted theory of “one man/one vote” (how about “one person/one vote”) and select our democratically elected president with a true people’s vote: the popular vote.

There are several important issues and many positions for political office on the ballot in this election. Become informed and exercise your right to vote. It really does matter!

Dorothea Farris