Vote for Torre, against Lift One |

Vote for Torre, against Lift One

Consider these facts before you vote:

1. The previous building height allowed on the Lift One Lodge site was 40 feet (Aspen Planning and Zoning Commission, Oct 16, 2018, page 6). As proposed now, it is 68 feet at its highest (Planinng and Zoning, Oct. 16, 2018, page 18). I emailed the city of Aspen and asked the height of the Wheeler; they responded 66 feet. The new buildings at Snowmass Base Village are just over 60 feet at their highest points.

2. These figures are from the city of Aspen’s website: Gorsuch Haus is 121,000 square feet; Lift One Lodge is 203,000 square feet. The Aspen Art Museum is 33,000 square feet. Thus, Gorsuch Haus equals 3.67 art museums and the Lift One Lodge equals 6.15 art museums. Together that’s 9.82 Aspen Art Museums.

3. A total of 10,949 dump-truck loads of excavation. I received that information from the city; all you have to do is ask. More traffic.

4. Four new restaurants and a coffee shop and all the employees they’ll need, if I’m not mistaken: Gorsuch Haus, Lift One Lodge, Skier’s Chalet Steakhouse, Ruthie’s and the Ski Museum’s coffee shop. Still more traffic.

Torre is the only mayoral candidate against the overdevelopment called the Lift One corridor. He has consistently fought against overdevelopment and for employee housing.

Please vote Torre for mayor and “no” on Lift One.

John Doyle