Vote for RFTA and firefighters |

Vote for RFTA and firefighters

There’s a lot on the ballot this year, but there are two items I feel very strongly about. Without increasing taxes and just to keep funding at current levels, the Basalt-Snowmass fire district needs us to vote “yes” on 6B (Pitkin County) and 7F (Eagle County). These folks — who are our friends and neighbors — teamed with others to masterfully defend the midvalley against what seemed certain catastrophe, likely saving each of us hundreds of thousands of dollars and the community hundreds of millions. Voting “yes here” is what’s known as a “no-brainer.” Meanwhile, the Raoring Fork Transportation Authority is asking for a new tax to support our high-quality bus system into the future. This service is critical to keeping regional traffic manageable and quality of life high. Voting “yes” on 7A would increase your taxes roughly $80 per year, but stabilize service and enable a transition to electric buses. Please vote “yes” on 7A, 6B, ad 7F.

Auden Schendler