Vote for Proposition 112 and the environment |

Vote for Proposition 112 and the environment

For two-and-a-half months this summer, smoke from dozens of forest fires across the West obscured our mountain views and irritated our eyes and lungs. Millions of acres in the U.S. and Canada went up in smoke because of drought and high temperatures brought on by global warming, That fact should be abundantly clear to all but the most ideologically obtuse.

Proposition 112 requires a 2,500-foot setback for new oil and gas drilling in Colorado, protecting homes and communities from fracking’s local impacts. An added benefit is Prop 112 also will reduce future fracking opportunities. Scientists worldwide say we must stop using fossil fuel if we want to evolve and prosper as a species. Prop 112 is not only a common-sense health and safety requirement, it’s a step in the right direction toward reducing America’s addiction to fossil fuels.

Fracking proponents cry gloom and doom if Prop 112 passes in November. But the opposite is the case. Instead of throwing good money after bad trying to frack our way to prosperity (and oblivion), investment funds will be freed up for wind, solar and battery technologies, which will create three times the number jobs per invested dollar, boost the economy and help ensure a decent future for our children.

If you believe fracking should be kept far away from homes and communities and, if you want to do something about climate disruption, please vote “yes” for Prop 112.

Ken Bonetti