Vote for Mitsch Bush in June primary

Primary ballots were sent out this week, and I want to urge voters eager to unseat Scott Tipton in November’s midterm election to vote for Diane Mitsch Bush this month. Not only is she a lifelong progressive, championing core issues like public education, environmental protection, universal healthcare and economic equality for all, but she was an effective two-term county commissioner and three-term Colorado State House Representative.

Bush is the only candidate running for the 3rd District’s U.S. House seat who has experience passing impactful progressive legislation. In Washington, she can get to work undoing Trump and Tipton’s damage from day one. And she can get to Washington — if we can get her on the ballot!

Mitsch Bush has won all five of her previous elections in areas where Democrats were the minority, and she’s been gaining support among unaffiliated voters and moderate Republicans in our district, not to mention seasoned politicians like former governor Bill Ritter, former U.S. Senator Mark Udall, and former U.S. Senator and U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. Salazar summed up some of her strengths when he said, “Whether she is dealing with water, jobs and the economy, public lands, agriculture or transportation, Diane brings people of all political stripes to the table for common sense legislation that benefits her constituents. Only a person with Diane’s broad appeal and legislative experience can win back this seat for the people of CD3.”

The grassroots nature of Mitsch Bush’s campaign proves his point. She’s raised the most money of the candidates running against Tipton, and 75 percent of it is from small donations of $100 or less. With over 1,200 donors and 200 volunteers already in our district, it’s clear she’s speaking to voters. Let’s get her on the November ballot!

Jessica Levine