Vote for Mitsch Bush, Hanlon and yes on 7A |

Vote for Mitsch Bush, Hanlon and yes on 7A

Perhaps the single most important long-term issues facing Colorado are water and climate. I have been involved in Colorado water and river issues for many years and I am always surprised at how little Colorado’s state and federal legislators understand how water works and the urgent issues and needs we face.

We need legislators and institutions that really understand how water works in Colorado and the West. Both Diane Mitsch Bush and Karl Hanlon understand how water works and the challenges we face for Colorado and the Western Slope. We need representatives in Washington and Denver who understand water issues and needs and what it means for all of us.

We also need a strong voice for water from the Western Slope. The Colorado River District is that voice and need our support so they can help us all in crafting solutions to the water challenges we face. We need a strong river district now more than ever.

I encourage everyone who is concerned about Colorado’s and the West Slopes water future, the future of our rivers, farms and cities, to vote for Diane Mitsch Bush, Karl Hanlon and yes on ballot issue 7A.

Ken Neubecker

Glenwood Springs