Vote for Mitsch Bush and Hickenlooper |

Vote for Mitsch Bush and Hickenlooper

Too often lately our mountains are shrouded in smoke. Our formerly pristine air is rated at varying levels of hazardous. Wildfires rage up and down one coast; hurricanes and floods pummel the other.

These extreme weather events are alarm bells that cannot be ignored. Human-caused global warming is a scientific fact, and it must be addressed before it is too late. We need elected officials who will take action against this urgent threat, not those who continue to deny that threat exists.

Here in Colorado, Diane Mitsch Bush is running for the 3rd Congressional District. John Hickenlooper is running for the Senate.

Google them to learn where they stand on the environment, versus where their opponents stand. Then vote for them. The future of Colorado and our planet depends on it.

Julie Comins Pickrell