Vote for Mayling Simpson for State Board of Education |

Vote for Mayling Simpson for State Board of Education

Mayling Simpson is running for the State Board of Education as the 3rd Congressional District representative. Following are just a couple of the important differences between her and her opponent Joyce Rankin.

Rankin supports giving education tax money, or public funds, away to parents (called per pupil funding) to spend according to “parent choice.” Simpson opposes this.

Simpson states that taxpayers have made a contract with society to provide free public education to all children. The original concept was to support our democracy and fight poverty by providing a high-quality, free public education to all children regardless of their family, ethnic or racial circumstances. Our Colorado public schools are already underfunded. If we give away tax money to parents to spend as they please on the educational option of their choice, such as a private school, online schooling tuition, a private tutor or home schooling, it would drain our public schools of much needed funds.

Rankin also supports use of private education companies to take over and manage school districts that appear to be failing. She has voted to allow charter schools that school districts have rejected.

Simpson believes that both of these actions do not respect the Colorado rule of local control of school districts. Having school districts managed by outside private firms should be a last resort. Simpson advocates listening to local voices and working with school districts to find solutions to education problems.

I’m voting for Simpson — she makes sense.

James Gilliam