Vote for Holy Cross incumbents |

Vote for Holy Cross incumbents

I support the re-election of Kristen Bertuglia and Adam Palmer to the two Northern District Board seats in the upcoming Holy Cross Energy election. I know them both to be dedicated to the sustainability of our community. They should be re-elected so that they can continue the great work they have already started started in advancing environmental and community values on the board.

During their tenure on the board, Holy Cross achieved 39 percent renewable energy into its power supply portfolio in 2017 without raising rates; hired CEO Bryan Hannegan, formerly of the National Renewable Energy Lab, who chose Holy Cross due to its forward-thinking Board vision; and continued as a utility industry leader in the areas of safety, reliability and rates.

They supported on-bill financing, rebates and innovative low-income programs to help workforce families save money. They also support electric vehicle and transit infrastructure incentives to reduce pollution and save costs in transportation sector.

Re-elect Bertuglia and Palmer.

Alan Danson