Vote for David over Goliath |

Vote for David over Goliath

People around town have told me that it’s the large outside interests that adversely affect the small-town people. So the mayoral election may be the most important way to keep Aspen, Aspen. And there are only two choices for mayor, and they are polar opposites.

Lee Mulcahy is a homeowner who achieved the American dream of owning his own home and built it with his own two hands. Lee cares about all of the people of Aspen, not just certain large interests, so I believe that Lee will best protect the lives, liberties and properties of the people of Aspen.

Lee’s against outsourcing our jobs, which locals need to provide for their families but many of the large companies are efficient at recruiting poor from outside the U.S. to fill local jobs. Ironically these large companies only produce 30 percent of the new net jobs because small business produces nearly 70 percent across the country. So the large companies only produce 30 percent of jobs which they outsource (

But Americans have rights by law to include life, and when our family doesn’t have food or a safe place to sleep because of outsourcing, their lives are endangered.

Lee said, “This election is a David vs. Goliath struggle for the soul of Aspen.” I agree. He said, “The mayor promised ‘slow growth’ and ‘transparency’ and we got neither.”

Since Lee is “David” vs. Goliath, some think his election is impossible, but I sometimes believe in as many as 13 impossible things before breakfast: 13 colonies, farmers and aristocrats with no military experience, could become states and defeat the British Empire. They stood up for their rights from their gallant ancestors and against all odds, they won, resulting in freedoms we enjoy while those sworn are fighting and dying to guarantee.

It’s also said that two-thirds of the people don’t vote, but they could vote this important election with their rights and the very soul of Aspen at stake.

Now for the other:

I don’t know Steve, but I’m fairly new so I have fresh eyes to notice things. The past two years I’ve noticed a bus system break down and a new bus station with an upside down roof that leaks. The roof that the people received threatens the structure and foundation. The bathroom auto-flushers waste water and what is the water source for the toilets? Is it drinking water? After seeing the bus station, I walked down to a green bathroom near Wagner Park and wondered if this project used potable water or if the bus station is just the tip of the iceberg of spending the people’s money unwisely.

Imagine voting against Steve Skadron and if you experience tightness in your chest or a sinking feeling in your stomach, this is fear of retaliation from your government. Thomas Jefferson said, “When the people fear their government, you have tyranny.” But your vote is private so no one will know how you vote.

Vince Thomas