Vote for clean power in Holy Cross election

Despite the terrifying toll COVID-19 is taking on our communities and economy, it’s important to remember other threats remain just as serious. COVID-19 devastated Colorado’s winter economy by canceling the last two weeks in March, which is precisely what unchecked climate change will do. You can help prevent that from happening by voting in the Holy Cross election by mail in ballot, helping your utility continue its remarkable progress expanding clean power through the region and demonstrating leadership for the nation.

The two best candidates for the job are Alex DeGolia in the Western District, and David Campbell in the Northern District. Alex has a PhD in environmental management, served as a White House natural resources staffer, and now works on clean energy and climate strategy (

Tesla-driving David Campbell brings a business and real estate background to the job. He supports clean energy development while keeping rates stable and modernizing the electricity grid. He has done his homework and run for this seat before.

Look for your ballot in the mail this week!

Auden Schendler