Vote for change, vote for Casey Endsley

Aspenites are used to change — from variable snow/mountain conditions, changes of seasons, changes from one wave of tourists to the next and, nowadays, changes in color levels!

As I enter my seventh year as a full-time Aspen local, I have come to love and embrace change as a constant of Aspen life. Belly Up changes its lineups, restaurants change menus, skiers change boots for dinner — change drives town.

Change is necessary, which is the line behind this opine: “We need change in City Council leadership.”

For just short of one year’s time, we’ve listened, abided and trusted our town’s elected leadership. And, as much as change drives Aspen and its residents, our current City Council continues to come to us with the same “ideas” to protect us and keep our community safe.

Time and again, council has told us “safer at home,” “wear masks” everywhere, and to stay away from anyone that doesn’t live with us. Even closing businesses to force this!

All of this, only to have these impositions not produce the change they’d “hoped” for, which led our current council to double-down on these policies, extending them further … “hoping” for change.

To create change, we need to:

1. Change Aspen’s leadership

2. Foster community conversation

To do these two things, we need to vote!

Casey Endsley, a longtime local, has seen plenty of change, endured hardships, had triumphs and, now, has raised his hand, volunteering to invest his time, so as to affect meaningful change for our community.

Meaningful change requires courage, character, community and, oddly, constants. Casey personifies these characteristics and is the voice of the people for meaningful change.

My vote goes to change — and to one whose successfully navigated “change,” constantly.

#voteforchange #caseyforcouncil

Jeffrey Hansen


Letter to the Editor