Vote for 3A in Basalt |

Vote for 3A in Basalt

Basalt ballot initiative 3A deserves your support.

As the chairman of the citizens committee that worked on this proposal this summer and a member of the Planning and Zoning Board, I cannot urge you more to support this proposal to enhance our town. Picking up on the most recent Basalt Master Plan, this initiative is to undertake three very worthwhile projects at no additional taxes to town members.

First, we will invest in a major environmental project, perhaps including a massive solar array along with a battery storage project. Second, we will address the affordable-housing crisis in the area, either through purchasing a property to undertake a housing project or to buy units in existing developments for this purpose. Lastly, the town will invest in modernizing and upgrading Midland Avenue in the heart of town.

All of these projects are worthwhile by themselves but to provide funding to undertake all three in the next several years is a no-brainer. This bond initiative is just an extension of previous measures and would not add one cent to anybody’s tax bill. Thinking of our ability to address major projects that have shown to be both popular and necessary in our community, how can we say no!

Eric Vozick



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