Vote for 1A to Mountain Valley Developmental Services |

Vote for 1A to Mountain Valley Developmental Services

Mountain Valley Developmental Services provides support to many children and adults with intellectual or developmental delays and disabilities in the Pitkin County area. We were partners in helping pass the initial Healthy Community Fund years ago and have been encouraged by the benefits of the fund ever since. The fund directly benefits the lives of the individuals we support as well as the people we employ to support them.

As a community-centered board, we support children and adults throughout their lifespan. Some people utilize our services for only a short time, while others do so for the entirety of their life. We rely on state and federal funding to conduct our work. Unfortunately, these funding levels are flat across the state and do not account for the cost living difference that impact us.

Funding from the Healthy Community Fund allows us to pay for many things not covered by, or otherwise not allowed by the state’s funding structure. Some examples of these are: medical supplies and procedures for individuals, environmental adaptations for individuals as their needs change and unanticipated expenses in the homes where individuals live. Additionally, because of the Health Communities Fund, we are able to pay competitive salaries and offer employee health insurance at very low monthly cost to our employees.

Helping From the Heart members have been writing letters to the editor, volunteering time, providing endorsements, donating money and spreading the word that this fund supports 70 local nonprofits serving our workforce, our children and our community neighbors. The dedication is real and the investment is effective.

I encourage you to vote “yes” for Ballot Question 1A ,the continuation of the Healthy Community Fund.

Sara Sims

Executive Director, Mountain Valley Developmental Services