Vote Alberico for Garfield clerk and recorder

Garfield County Clerk and Recorder Jean Alberico is running as the incumbent, a leader in the Garfield County Clerk and Recorder Offics as chief deputy clerk and county clerk and recorder for over 20 years. I’ve have observed her efforts in keeping current with changing laws, modernizing operations, upgrading technology and incorporating eservices with statewide systems to improve customer services. As a public servant, her focus has been to best serve her constituents, colleagues and employees.

Colorado county clerk positions are both elected and administrative. Clerks address policy at state level, enforce the laws, manage staff, and oversee operations for several, diverse departments: Elections, Motor Vehicle, Recording of Land Use and Marriage License, Vital Statistics, Clerk of the Board of Commissioners and Liquor Licensing, etc. Jean has over 36 years of administrative experience.

At a state level, Jean was appointed in 2007 to the statutorily required CSTARS committee, a governance committee that has oversight of the Department of Revenue Titles and Registration Services, tasked with monitoring the budget and approving enhancements and upgrades to the State Motor Vehicle Title and Registration system. She also served on the interim DRIVES Governance Committee during the development and transition of the new, statewide motor vehicle system, and most recently appointed by the executive director of the Department of Revenue as one of five county clerks to serve on the DRIVES Governance Committee. In 2015, Jean was one of eight counties that piloted new election equipment, working with the Pilot Election Review Committee established by the Secretary of State that researched and recommended Colorado’s uniform voting system.

As a leader, Jean will strive and deliver advancements while representing the people of Garfield County.

Janice Vos Caudill

Pitkin County Clerk and Recorder