Vote Adam and Kristen for Holy Cross |

Vote Adam and Kristen for Holy Cross

I have been working on climate change for most of my career. The most common question I get is: “What can I do?” My responses are often pretty vague and lame: “Be a citizen. Vote. Donate to climate groups. Write or visit your congressperson. March.” But every once in a while a real, legitimate action appears, one that addresses climate change at scale and where individual actions can make a huge difference. You have such an opportunity right now. If you are a member of Holy Cross Energy, you just received a mail-in ballot. Please vote for Adam Palmer and Kristen Bertuglia for the board. Thanks in part to their work, Holy Cross has become national leader in clean energy, all while keeping our rates low. Their success is utterly bipartisan. One of the ways we’ll solve the climate problem is by modeling successful, fiscally responsible, reliable utility models for the rest of the country. Holy Cross is already doing that, and your vote will ensure further progress.

Auden Schendler