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Voided in Vail

Former Aspen Daily News columnist Johnny Boyd correctly predicted that other resorts would follow Chicago billionaire Lester Crown’s Aspen Skiing Co.’s lead by using petty tyranny to smother dissent. And so it has begun.

Regarding journalist Kelli Duncan’s article on Vail Resort’s stripping “the last good thing away from me … skiing with my dad,” shame on Vail’s corporate behavior (“Vail Resorts moves to permanently ban ex-employee from resort-owned property,” Oct. 12, Vail Daily).

Prayers for justice for the brave, courageous Daniel Herrick. Group-think often pervades monopolies in company towns. We all should be grateful to the unnamed Vail employee who stated that she didn’t think Herrick would “hurt or harm anyone” and Vail Police detective Greg Schwartz, who recommended that the case be closed “with no further action” in the face of Vail’s bullying.

It is important that our political elites (Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, state Sen. Kerry Donovan, Mayor Torre) protect the people’s land, our national forests, that these local monopolies lease from us, the public, the Daniel Herricks. We the people have God-given rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Lee Mulcahy