Visions of an aerial gondola over Aspen |

Visions of an aerial gondola over Aspen

The only way I know how to physically get those rubber-tired vehicles spewing greenhouse gases and clogging the roadways called cars and shuttles off the roads is with an aerial gondola.

Aerials are easy to build, easy land-use approval, easy to operate, cheap to build and maintain, and kids and families and worker bees that don’t need a dump truck never have to wait for a bus.

Many thanks for the Airport FOCUS Committee for recommending aerial be looked as part of a future multi-modal solution.

Since it is almost Thanksgiving, I would like to give thanks to Pitkin County Manger Jon Peacock for opening up the airport discussion on two topics — terminal replacement and the runway expansion — with the support of the Pitkin County commissioners.

Happy early Thanksgiving!

Toni Kronberg