Virus moving faster than Aspen City Council |

Virus moving faster than Aspen City Council

How much do these people get paid? I mean, seriously. A member of the Aspen City Council? The mayor?

These geniuses needed a poll to decide whether to mandate wearing a mask? They delayed a decision for seven days waiting for the poll? The country is on “fire” with a virus and the council and mayor wait for a poll? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to die from the coronavirus in the Aspen Valley Hospital. Standing over me, a retired ski instructor nurse admonishing me as I get unplugged, “We waited for the poll …”

I should add, I still have not seen a police presence anywhere in the inner core nor a ranger anywhere on a trail, or Rio Grande. No one is asking for an arrest, not even a fine.

Rather, “Hi, welcome to Aspen. We want to keep Aspen and you safe. Stick to the task … wear a mask.”

As to our visitors, or freedom-loving citizens, last time I checked, neither “virus” nor “masks” were mentioned in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Imagine if our early settlers wore masks … we’d have, a good thing, many more American Indians. My suggestions, signs, T-shirts, stickers, “Stick to the task … wear a mask.” Admittedly, a friend from Paris said he didn’t understand the word “task,” which helps to explain the French way of life, but the rest of us do. The city politely rejected my offer to have $1,000 worth of T-shirts printed with “Stick to the task … wear a mask” to be handed out, in a friendly manner, by the police. My offer still stands.

“Stick to the task … wear a mask.”

Jeffrey D.J. Kallenberg