Violence escalates thanks to executive ignorance

Our current incompetent leadership has far-ranging consequences.

One-hundred years ago the assassination of a European royal started as a small, seemingly limited event but grew rapidly to World War I. That tragic conflict led, just 20 years later, to World Ward II with all its horrors.

Today’s world is no different.

The inept, spontaneous, uniformed decision by President Trump to abruptly withdraw a long-standing U.S. military presence has led to almost immediate chaos in Syria. A small, seemingly limited event has already started to expand.

Kurds have been forced to ally with our stated enemy — Assad. Turkey has invaded Syria. Russia and Iran — current threats to the U.S. and Europe — back Turkey. ISIS prisoners escape and regroup. Al-Qaida reforms and is joining the chaos. Millions of displaced civilians add to the existing migration crises.

Where might it all go?

Surging oil prices, economic decline, unexpected armed conflicts, increased terror attacks … leading to? Answer: See the above about a century ago!

We have an ignorant person in the White House. The root word for that term is “ignore.” He ignores professional and informed advice, he ignores facts and meaningful information, he ignores history. Instead, he acts whimsically as the moment moves him. Like a child.

The current situation is not about partisan politics — it is about competence. The Congress and the public need to act — now — as continued incompetence is leading us quickly to dangerous ends.

James DeFrancia