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View from Mexico

As I watch creeping fascism into my country, and as I watch the normalization of KKK, Nazis, Trump, racism, bullying and in general the bad behavior everywhere of whites, I am not convinced that we will get out of this mess alive. Down here I witness the corruption in Mexico, but compared to the corruption of our Congress, lobbyists and our traitorous president, it seems the lessor of two evils. Neither is good, but the one close at hand seems more able to control than the one on the other side of the border. And in fact the frontrunner in the July election of the president of Mexico seems to have a fix in mind. We shall see, but there is more optimism about Obrador, sometimes referred to as AMLO, than any information that leaks through the internet about the U.S. administration.

So I am now of the opinion that Mexicans, with all of the problems, are in better shape than Americans. They have a new president to look forward to this summer. Americans have a very ugly president who contributes to the corruption in the states on a daily basis. The current effort to weaken the Justice Department and the FBI with disinformation and outright lies looks and feels like what happens in a third world country. The playbook of Trump is right out of “Mein Kampf”, he is on schedule to turn the U.S. into a dictatorship.

But what distresses me the most is the inaction or the outright idea that no one seems to care as the country goes careening into authoritarianism. Maybe the young can save us from ourselves, I certainly hope that, but the lack of protest to the nonsense of this administration continues unabated. When will we learn that the buffoons are in charge and will be until America wakes up.

Andy Hanson

San Pancho, Nay. Mexico