Veterans deserve our thanks

Americans will once again gather — at a socially accepted distance this year — to celebrate the day in 1776 when we declared our independence from Great Britain. It was a rocky start and standing independent has continued to bring us challenges, defeats, and triumphs. Even as we argue and protest among ourselves, we should each take a moment to remember that it is because of our freedom that we can stand up for what we believe is important.

This freedom has been defended and protected by many in many ways. Take a moment today to acknowledge the the men and women who have been willing to serve and sacrifice — sometimes at great cost — to keep our freedoms safe. Today, a new generation serves in our military and are making that same promise to us.

So if you see someone who you know is a veteran please take a moment to thank him or her for their service. Give a shout, shake a hand, it is appreciated. We promise the veterans will be back for the parade next year.

Hugh Roberts, USAF Vietnam