Velasco the people’s candidate |

Velasco the people’s candidate

I could not be more proud to be supporting Elizabeth Velasco in the primary election to be our Democratic nominee for State House. Like many of us, Elizabeth and her family decided to make Western Colorado the special place to reach their American dream. Elizabeth has the skills and lived experience to make sure that our neck of the woods stays a great place to raise a family.

Elizabeth’s self-funding opponent in the primary was recently endorsed by the conservative-leaning statewide Colorado Chamber of Commerce, an organization that typically spends big money to elect Republicans and fights against paid family leave, climate change solutions, and cutting the cost of health care — a track record they proudly tout.

In contrast, Velasco will fight for our families, starting with a campaign inspired by our shared values and that does not accept contributions from representatives of big corporations that fight progress for working class and rural people at the State Capitol.

Elizabeth will serve everyone in our community, no matter their background, zip code, or how long they’ve been a part of our community. That’s why organizations that fight for working people, gun safety solutions, and pro-choice rights have endorsed Elizabeth for this seat: we need a strong representative who stands up for everybody including small businesses, seasonal and frontline workforce, as well as, teachers and ranchers.

I personally witnessed how Elizabeth dropped what she was doing and rolled up her sleeves to fight for community resiliency after the devastating 2020 wildfires. Being at the forefront of a climate disaster plus the leadership experience she acquired as a wildland firefighter will serve us well in the State Capitol.

Not all shades of blue are equal, these times need bold leadership from elected Democrats. Elizabeth will represent our communities with integrity, honesty, and determination. Mail your ballot back in (or drop it off when it becomes too late to mail!) by June 28.

Beatriz Soto

New Castle