Valley needs a place for enjoyment of horses |

Valley needs a place for enjoyment of horses

One of the arguments about the need for the historic Sutey Ranch for horseback riding is the fact that as Tony Vagneur wrote in a column in The Aspen Times not too long ago, that in our old days, when our grandfathers and mothers were young and Tony, too, we could ride from ranch to ranch, mountain to mountain and valley to valley without ever stepping into a horse trailer. For us, due to many reasons, that time is over. We cannot cross a road, we cannot access our trails, and we cannot even ride down along side of the roadways. We have to create areas carved out where we can enjoy our horses.

The mountain bikers are asking for the development of loop trails from Red Hill Bureau of Land Management area by expanding the Red Hill boundary to include the Sutey Ranch, likely allowing for a rideable connection all the way onto County Road 112, just a mile away from the Fisher Creek BLM area on Missouri Heights.

The bikers want what we all once had. We are asking the BLM for protection on the Sutey Ranch to enjoy what makes us happy, horseback riding and hiking without the bikes shooting out of the woods, from the paths and off the ridges. I hope by reading this letter, it will support us and this request. Thank you so much!

Please mail your opinion by August 5 to or to BLM, 2300 River Frontage Road, Silt, CO 81652, Attn: Sutey/Haines Management Plan.

Karin Reid Offield