Vaccines are unproven |

Vaccines are unproven

The last I checked, we are still allowed to question in this country. A recent article about vaccine myths provides more questions than it provides facts (“Pitkin County health officials: Don’t believe vaccine myths,” April 11, The Aspen Times).

The article starts off with an absurd comparison between wearing a helmet and getting a shot. When you put a helmet on, you can take it off. When you get a vaccine, there is no taking it back. In addition, a helmet can be custom fitted whereas vaccines are one size fits all.

One twist in the propaganda is that the vaccines have been approved by the government. They have only been approved for emergency distribution. There have been zero safety studies approved for these vaccines.

The J&J vaccine has just been paused due to clotting issues.

According to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, there have been 56,869 adverse events, 2,342 death, and 7,971 serious injuries directly related to the vaccines as of April 1.

The vaccines do not prevent one from getting the virus nor do they prevent transmission of the virus.

Dr. Levin states that the current vaccines were developed using the same protocols as other vaccines. This is not true. There are no long-term safety studies and the animal safety testing has not been done.

She also states that the technology has been around for decades. This is true but the safety has never been proven. In the animal safety studies the results were disastrous. This is why these vaccines have not been used on the public.

These shots are technically not a vaccine. They are actually genetic modification therapies.

A concern of these vaccines is that it could trigger antibody-dependent enhancement. This is a condition that could cause people to develop a more severe reaction to the wild virus than if they were not vaccinated.

Tom Lankering


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