Vaccination is a choice, not a concert ticket |

Vaccination is a choice, not a concert ticket

It is wholly unacceptable and likely illegal for the Belly Up to insist on medical records for entry and to collect a database of such medical records. Such action presents a very slippery slope. If Belly Up is allowed to collect this data, what stops them or others from asking for or collecting other medical data?

Furthermore, I do not believe it will incentivize individuals to get vaccinated. Those who want to be vaccinated will get vaccinated; those who have chosen not to be vaccinated are unlikely to get vaccinated. It’s a personal choice. What it will likely do is create an incentive for individuals to create fraudulent vaccination cards.

I hope the city of Aspen and Pitkin County will review the legal grounds for a business/person to insist on proof of medical records for entry and the legal grounds to keep a database of such medical records.

I am not anti-vaccine. I’m pro choice and pro privacy. It is a civil rights issue.

Morally, I do not believe our community should discriminate against those who choose to be vaccinated and those who choose not to. There is clearly a demographic that is at risk and demographic that is not. Hence, I can understand why some choose to get vaccinated while others do not. Our community should respect both persons equally.

Lastly, our youth should not be vaccinated until there is informed consent, as the mortality rate of teens and adolescents from COVID-19 is minimal. Vaccinating this population prior to informed consent is morally irresponsible.

And just to clarify, this is not about the Belly Up. This is about businesses being compelled by the Pitkin Board of Health to put policies in place that are likely a violation of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and other protections, in order to operate.

However compelling it may seem to collect personal medical data in order to access a business or venue, it is entirely inappropriate and likely unconstitutional.

Nic Caiano