Vaccinating your wokeness |

Vaccinating your wokeness

Aspen is moving back its COVID-19 threat level to Blue. New York is announcing a full reopening July 1. The world is getting vaccinated at record paces.

Things seem to be turning around … unless you are a developing country like India or any African nation. They are out of luck because the developed countries, led by the new woke administration, are not woke enough to care about Black and brown people abroad. While we have unused surpluses here, those in charge aren’t about to share the vaccine. If this was all about health, and not record revenue, shouldn’t the recipe be shared?

This leads to another, more important point: Any vaccinated person who also proclaims to be a crusader for racial and cultural equity is a self-righteous hypocrite who engages in wokeness when convenient (i.e. when they don’t feel like their life is threatened).

Times of crisis reveal character. Elitists from LA to Aspen to New York shouting “mask up” for 12 months are usually the self-righteous ones who proclaim to care about minorities around the world. They talk about the guilt they feel for their privilege at dinner parties or make donations to NGOs, yet the second a vaccine is ready here in the U.S. (while being deprived in the most diverse/impoverished places), these hypocrites don’t hesitate to get their jab.

And here’s where the plague of self-righteous confirmation bias kicks in: These people will say they are “doing it for society,” which is a common woke scapegoat. The reality is they are doing it out of fear with little to no thought about the perils developing countries face as Big Pharma protects their vaccine distribution channels.

In short: If you got the jab, you might believe you are doing your part to eradicate COVID-19, but you’ve simultaneously eradicated your “moral” foundation to lecture anyone about racial or cultural equity.

Chase McWhorter



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