Vaccinate yourselves for the good of all |

Vaccinate yourselves for the good of all

Friday, I joined 30 volunteers and workers at the high school to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to 300 children, 5 to 11 years old. I wish I could have guaranteed their parents that the vaccine was 100% effective and safe. I couldn’t, but I strongly believe it is the best thing to do.

We have our kids wear helmets and seat belts and have airbags in our cars, but the kids are still at risk of death and injury while skiing and riding in a car. These parents felt like they had won the lottery to be the first to have their children vaccinated, and they all had reasons why they chose to vaccinate. Some have lost family and friends due to coronavirus. Some have religious beliefs that we are commanded to love God, others and ourselves, and felt a responsibility for the health and safety of the public, grandparents, immuno-compromised friends, and special needs community members. Many have economic concerns and want to avoid having to quit work to provide childcare.

If our county’s COVID case numbers can stay low, we will not have to have restaurants, hotels, and businesses go to 50% occupancy and have schools closed. Others feel a patriotic duty to try and get America out of the pandemic crisis. Locally, the nurses cared for patients dying of COVID, the physicians saw children and adults weekly with long haul COVID problems, and educators observed the effects of COVID on education. All the health care workers and EMTs were aware that they took a significant risk to their own health and the health of their family and friends to provide care for COVID patients. About 4,000 American first-responders and health care workers have died and about 150,000 health workers worldwide have died of COVID. This year more law enforcement workers have died of COVID than have died from gunshots. Bus drivers and transit workers have been particularly hard hit with COVID deaths.

I do not care if your reason for vaccinating is patriotic, economic, religious, social responsibility, or health concerns. Please, please, people of all ages take the vaccine.

Dr. William Mitchell


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