Using open space will ease Aspen traffic |

Using open space will ease Aspen traffic

Insofar as traffic and congestion is concerned, don’t worry about development inside Aspen. While there is much construction ongoing and planned, little can be done to increase the number of residents or visitors.

The bigger issue is what’s happening outside of Aspen and downvalley. Extensive housing development, including employee housing, is planned throughout the valley. And those residents will be coming to Aspen for work, shopping, recreation and cultural purposes. That will increase traffic and congestion, and Aspen City Council can’t do anything about it.

What we can and have to do is address the present and future deficiencies in our infrastructure. Increased traffic flow is required, and convenient parking and employee housing is desperately needed and should be built if possible within walking distance, not miles away, requiring additional vehicle traffic.

There is no room within central Aspen to address these problems. But there is an area where roads can be built providing easy access in and out of town and where lots of parking and employee housing can be built within walking distance. That area is the Marolt open space. I know that is unpopular, but the trade-off is that improvements there can significantly reduce congestion and parking issues in town and allow significant beautification. If there is another plausible solution, I am unaware of it.

Or we can live with increased congestion, noise, pollution, employee shortages, etc.

Eric Simon

Snowmass Village